Prana Essentials is a first-of-its-kind program because it enhances the provision of medical care by generating a personalized care model to address your health concerns.

Prana provides a winning combination between a clinically customized nutrition plan and chronic disease prevention and management.
With Prana, you have the opportunity to work with a nutrition specialist to guide you in your journey to achieving better health by providing one-on-one consultations in addition to dietary supplement support. Prana supplements research backed and are formulated to target issues such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes and pre-diabetes, GI disorders, men’s and women’s health, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies to name a few.

All of the active ingredients in our formulas are FDA approved for your safety and are processed with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) seal.
Additionally, Prana supplements are gluten free and vegetarian (except for Omega 3) and are delivered to you directly to your home.

The recommended supplements regimen is tailored to your specific health concerns.
and are based on data obtained during your consultation with your nutritional specialist including your medical history, lab work, medications, exercise, and nutrition habits.
At Prana, we know that in order to make a positive impact on your future health, we must first address your past and present medical conditions, nutrition, and lifestyle habits.

Prana’s concierge health model offers a comprehensive and customized program that provides the tools you need to manage your health.

As part of your VIP service experience, we will work with you to identify your health concerns, determine the most clinically sound regimen for management, and assist you with program maintenance.

Your medical history, medications, biochemical data, diet, and lifestyle are all components in your assessment and will be used during consultation. This personalized information is a key factor in ensuring that the regimen created is specifically for you, and it enables Prana to create a blueprint for building a healthier you.
White Board Description
This video tells how Prana uniquely addresses the paradigm shift in health care. Never before has it been more important to take charge of your health and wellness using science based expert assessment and monitoring tools and nutrition specialists. Prana provides truly personalized wellness and nutritional plans to address your specific health issues and overall wellness.
Prana Medical and Nutrition Assessment Demonstration Video
This video demonstrates the medical and nutrition aspects of the Prana Assessment System.
The Medical component of the assessment addresses all the medical conditions relevant to nutrition and backed by published research, peer reviewed and carefully screened research inter-alia Gastrointestinal, Allergies and Food Avoidance, Cardio Concerns and Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Balances, Womens/Mens Health, Surgeries and Bone Fractures as well as many General health issues. Each of these Medical issues is comprehensively assessed through multiple drill down panels.
The Nutrition component comprises of a comprehensive dietary recall while receiving expert nutrition advice. The assessment looks at the optimal and recommended range of macro nutrients specifically for you based on your blood work and medical condition or concerns and how you can adjust your diet to throughout the day to achieve these ranges. The assessment also alerts you to specific dietary warnings pertaining to your health issues. This component of the assessment goes way beyond weight management to focus on your overall health and wellness.
The foundation for your plan begins with enrolling you as a member in the Prana system, which is a unique, interactive online assessment that will be guided by one of our nutrition experts.

Your personal health information will be collected and put into our Nutritional Expert System. During your consultation, and your nutrition expert will ask you a series of questions that is run through databases containing information on thousands of food items, hundreds of health conditions, databases of nutraceuticals and published clinical studies.

Your medical conditions, medications and lab results are run against these databases to determine your nutritional requirements and at what ingredient level to prescribe the best combination of multi-vitamins, multi-minerals, probiotics and herbals.